Is SAP Connector available in WorkFusion Business trial?

I am new in WorkFusion…Can anyone tell me whether SAP Connector is available in WorkFusion Business Version 2.4.0 free trial for one month?

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Hi @BIUSer welcome to WorkFusion Community! :grinning:

Yes, SAP connector is available in both Express edition and Business edition (during and after trial).

Thanks for very quick reply …:)…any link or website for that so I can start…:slight_smile:

You can download the free Express version of Business trial from our website -

Yes I have already installed business version for one month trail…I was asking about SAP connector link…thanks…:slight_smile:

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Here is the documentation on SAP GUI automation:
It covers all important aspects of automating SAP with WorkFusion.

Thank you so much…:slight_smile:

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