Is there a list of limitations of RPA Express?

Some things I am interested in are:

  1. How many OCR request can I make ?
  2. Can I deploy Workfusion server to Linux ?
  3. Can I change default password in Workfusion Tower ?
  4. Can I change host&port of Workfusion for remote deployment ?
  5. Will the process run in Tower in case I have locked the screen ?
  6. Is there any way to speed up OCR ? e.g. give it only a limited set of characters to recognize ?


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  1. RPA Express OCR license
  2. For RPA Express -
    SPA is deployed on Linux
  3. Allow to change user password in RPA Express
  4. It is not planned for RPA Express, but technically you can do this, and you will need to edit the RPA Recorder ini file to make the Publish/Import function work.
  5. Running RPA on a system locked mode
  6. Yes, but in SPA product only.