Is there a way to make rpa express hold down a key?

I want to hold down delete key for a certain interval of time as i want to delete the information on a field that can’t be selected all with ctrl+a, is there a way to do it?

Hello @m.landos1.

Where you need to delete information from field? Is this desktop app or webpage? Can you provide the example of field where you cannot use Ctrl-A combination?

is a SAP application,when i need to search a customer for example, the last search is filled in the field, and somehow ctrl+a doesnt work.

Thank you. Could you please try with Mouse Click action and type - Triple click on it?
Also please be informed that development team is working on integration SAP in RPA Express and this change is planned to be released in a couple of months.

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It didn’t work, as a workaround I will use a cycle with delete keystrokes, Ill save the length of the largest search so far, and the cycle will have that size.
Thanks for you availability.

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Glad you made it work.
As soon as we release the version with SAP support we will let you know - it should provide a more robust solution for this case.