Is there any documentation for creating Manual Tasks in Control Tower?

How do you create manual tasks from scratch?

I am just trying to experiment and find out what the capabilities are. For an example case, I thought I would use some population data that I had a bot generate, and then perhaps use a Manual Task to get a population number to filter out from the data, say filter out pupulation < 100,000.
I upload my csv file in the Manual Task / Data tab (trying out the Miscellaneous Use Case), but then
all I get is the Warning message:

Warning! The use case you have selected requires the following column names in the uploaded file:


Click on the column headers in the table below to map them to the required use case fields.
How can I get around this and, then how can I set up the rest of the manual task (or any user created Manual Task in general)? Some documentation might help, but I haven’t been able to find any yet.


The steps start here - - and you can continue through them. #3 specifically talks about the column name warning you came across

You can also look here:

Those links ask me to log in, and the login process is not accepting any of my credentials that I use to log into other Workfusion products. Are those links perhaps only for SPA or enterprise customers?

Yes, this is the documentation for customers.

You can ignore tis warning. The input data format should be a csv filed, where the first row contains the names of the variables the bot passes to the manual task, the rows below contain values values.

I’ve looked everywhere to see if there is any documentation for RPA Express Manual Tasks in the Control Tower. It’s mentioned in the Forum, but I need an example of how this function is used. Also, what about Workspace? Workspace is mentioned in the Forum, but there is no related RPA Express documentation … are Manual Tasks and the Workspace not a feature of RPA Express?

@michael_lemens Manual Tasks and the Workspace are features of RPA Express.
Sorry, we are falling behind on documentation for Control tower and manual tasks due to changes in the upcoming RPA Express 2.0, but it will be published shortly.


When is the RPA Express 2.0 available to download?
Is there any new training added in for RPA Express 2.0?

Hi @skankatalaoyGo, May 17th is the confirmed date for release. We will update the training in the Automation Academy to include new features.

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@crobinsonWqukk @michael_lemens please find a guide on using manual tasks in the business process here:

Please feel free to suggest any additions/improvements to it or ask any additional details.