Is there any flow where we show variable output in the form of alert box?


Under Actions library, is there an action to alert variables output.

If yes please let me know the place.

If no then again please let me know how can i get the output of specific variable.



Thanks for your question. The answer is “Yes”, and “No”.

What we have now

Variables log -

This CSV file is created after each bot execution and shows the final values for all variables in a recording.

What we are planning to add

We are planning to add a separate action to view variable value(s) at runtime.

Please vote for this feature to raise its priority.

And of course as a workaround you can:

  1. copy your variable value to clipboard
  2. paste it somewhere (notepad, input field, etc)
  3. disable/delete these actions if not needed.

Thanks for the reply.

Ya i have added my vote.