Is there any way to stop Action Flow tree expanding when a variable changes?




Every time when a variable changes, the whole tree of Action Flows expands. This is very annoying and defeats the purpose of having groups. Is there any way to turn this off?

Thank you


Hi Gregory, thanks a lot for reporting, we’ll fix it. Now there is no option to change this setting.


Gregory, this issue has been fixed in RPA Express 1.2.0.


Vertical scroll bar is not working in the Recorder Variables window:

Problem with adding a variable

That’s a pretty big issue for me! I have a long list of variables and cannot add new!


I am just wondering if there is any work around or update on this issue. Thank you


Hi Gregory, we are releasing a hot fix within a couple of day with this bug fixed.


The hot fix is released.
The issue with the scrollbars in the variables panel has been fixed.