Issue at using Keystroke of Table Value

Hi guys, hope you’re doing good.
I’m having an issue at the moment of Make an “Enter Kestrokes + Text from Variable”.
Basically I want to perfom a “for each” in a table… I already have the logic for that, but the thing here is that for each row I want copy a value of the table into my SAP Screen (all that is solved) but the thing is that when the comand “Enter Kestrokes + Text from Variable” paste the value of the columns table, it paste it but with a “[” after and beforethe value. Which broke the logic that I want to use :confused:

For example I have a column with the value “AR1P” (which is plant in SAP -> and the field where I want to introduce the value, is olny a 4 characters field) but the value pasted is [AR1P], and is SAP the Robot past [AR1 (because the 4 characters field).

Attached: 1- how I upload the information (not the best way that I want but what I have…); 2-how the Enter Keystrokes is set.

There is any way of solve it?

There is a way of copy the value of a column (inside of a “row list”) and maybe trate it like a string and replace the [ ]??

Can anyone help me pls??? :smiley:

Thanks in advance!


sounds like this one:

not exactly my case (because of the table) but yeah, i will close this one.
thanks for your help!!!