Issue in starting the Bot Manager

I’m unable to launch the Bot Manager in the RPA Express version 1.2.0.

Hi @sudhakar_pQwNL,

Could you share the screenshot of RPA Express tray menu.

Also, please advise how many bots you selected during installation and the amount of free RAM your PC has.

Thank you,

I have installed RPA express in Windows server 2012 R2 and i have 6GB of free RAM.
Unfortunately i did not get any option of selecting the No of BOts during the installation.

Pls find the screenshot attached

Oh, sorry, I thought you were using version 2.0.1.

Thats not an issue please find the screenshot attached

Please try this solution from the troubleshooting guide:

Thanks for your revert.
We have tried this and still does not works

Have you had this issue since installing RPA Express?

Please send the following logs:

Uff Sorry my IT team formatted the system thinking that windows server 2012 R2 is compatible with RPA Express version 1.2.0. Now they are trying to install 2.0 let me try that get back to you if any issues.

Thanks a lot for your support

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Thanks for the update.
Sure, let me know if you have this issue with the new version.

Can you please let me know how does the RPA licensing works?

Once you download RPA Express, you get a free 30-day trial of RPA Express Pro features, which include:

  • multiple bots on one machine, which allows parallel execution of business processes
  • separate installation on a server and multiple workstation (users on workstations can develop bots and publish them to the server Control Tower)
  • bot sources and user management in Control Tower.

After 30 days, when the trial expires, you can continue using the free version of RPA Express with no limitations or purchase a Pro subscription.

Thanks for the information. Which basically means i can use RPA even after the expiry period. However, i can run only one BOT per machine, is that right?

Exactly :+1:

Thanks, So whom should i contact for the Pro Subscription and what would be the pricing structure?

You can contact our sales team at, they will provide all details about the subscription and the correct pricing structure for you.

Wow great! Thanks a lot for all your support :grinning:

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