Issue in uninstallation of RPA Express

Hi Team,
I have tried uninstalling RPA Express 1.1.3 version. The desktop icon is deleted. Even RPA Express folder is not visible now but still it is showing uninstall failed.

I have windows 10.
Following is the log file generated (2.9 MB)

Please help me with the issue.


Hi @vaibhavi_modake

Here’s what you can try
Re-cache the corrupted or deleted .msi files using the RPA Express installation file
Find your RPA Express installation file ( or download a fresh copy.
Extract the package from the archive to your local folder.
Run the Command Prompt from the folder with RPA Express installer and re-cache the fixed MSI with the following command:
msiexec /fv "resources\WorkFusion RPA Express.msi
Run uninstall procedure through the standard wizard.

Use Microsoft Uninstall Troubleshooter
Go to official page and download Uninstall Troubleshooter:
Run Uninstall Troubleshooter

Choose Uninstalling

Find RPA Express

Try uninstall RPA Express

Repairing and uninstalling process can take up to 8 hours.



I have RPA express 1.1.8 installed in my I am trying to unstalled the 1.1.8 version and install 1.1.9 version.But at the time of uninstalling 1.1.8 version I got error.Can’t uninstalled

please find attached log file and give me solution…WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180203104558.log (6.7 KB)

Hi Amol, Please try to solution above.


I have issue in uninstall process. Above steps did not work.
Error Code: 0X80070654
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20190418162847.log (34.0 KB)

here the log file.

Thank you…

Hi @Ctortop what version of RPA Express are you trying to uninstall?
How are you trying to uninstall it, by running the installer file and selecting Uninstall?

V1.8… As I remember.
I was trying to uninstal from control panel.
Now I could uninstall via an uninstall software.

Thank you

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