Issue when running bot task

When I run my taskbot, I have recieved error:
Step name ‘Web page automation[2019-10-01 17:42:11]’ has failed. Reason: ‘[urn:uuid:E392C418C9518C13421569941004392236] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=] org.springframework.web.client.HttpServerErrorException: 500 null’

P.S. My version WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud 2.4.0.

Do you only get this error in Control Tower? Can you run it in WorkFusion Studio correctly?

No, I didn’t.
This bot in WorkFusion Studio works properly.

Can you share your bot task and the exported events log here?

events_step_467c4dcb-4a02-4d3d-9795-fd18ddbb8bc0_2019-10-02 09_05_09.xlsx (5.1 KB)

Please share the bot task code.



            def result = RString.of('')
            def site = RString.of('')
            def amount = RString.of('100')
            def from = RString.of('USD')
            def to = RString.of('CNY')

com.workfusion.rpa.helpers.RPA.metaClass.static.$ = { Closure c -> } // Support for Expression action. Should be implemented in RPA class in next release.

    /* Web page automation

Converted from 100 USD to Chinese Yuan on site */
// Group of actions: ABOUT





inDesktop {
        sendKeys(StringTransformations.getKeyPressText(28, 13, 10, 0))


inDesktop {
        sendKeys(StringTransformations.getKeyPressText(28, 13, 10, 0))

            $(byXpath("//*[contains(@class, \"OldButton-sc-1wdh3eu-5 submitButton\")]")).click()

            result = RString.of($(byXpath("\n//*[@class=\"converterresult-toAmount\"]")).text())

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