Issue with BP in Control Tower

Hi all,

I have developed a script on Workfusion Studio which is working fine.

I have then decided to publish it to the Control Tower. Here again no problem: I can see my Business Process (one block in the workflow).
But when I launch it from the Control Tower, the execution does not do the same thing as when launched from Workfusion Studio. Moreover it seems to loop on the first step…

Has anyone already faced this kind of situation and can help ?

Thank you.

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@quentin_prev could you export the event log on Excel and share here?

@quentin_prev do you still have this issue with the process? What exactly does the bot do differently from Control Tower?

There is a default setting in Control Tower to try to perform an action up to 10 times if it fails. It probably couldn’t execute the step from the first attempt, so it repeated it.

Hi @ashapkina,

Sorry for the late answer but you will find attached the event logs.
Thank you.

Quentin02345378-47d0-422d-b313-89d6df10a8e6.csv (64 Bytes)

You must have mistakenly attached the data file.

To find the event log, go to the list of Business processes, open the process you need, click the Event log icon, and export it to Excel.


I have followed your indication and here is the log files I get. I made a wrong manipulation on the first file I sent you.

Thank you.

Quentinevents_root_0b5c43ec-da8b-4a81-a236-214b8a037511_2018-07-11 03_07_38.xlsx (8.7 KB)

This is exactly the file we need. Thank you


At the light of the log file, did you find a reason explaining the problem I am facing ?

Thank you.


Hi Quentin, sorry for delay.

Could you please start the process again and check that it opens all windows it is supposed to open, as according to the log it cannot switch to various windows in SAP.
And try to add bigger timeout before Window actions.

Also, please send these RPA logs, we might find more information there: C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs

Thank you.

Hi @quentin_prev, did you have a chance to try the business process once again?