Issue with executing Multiple Threads!

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Kindly share your suggestions for a scenario which I share here.
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In a Business Process, there is a (say) “A” Machine Task which has bot source Thread count of 5 and executing at 5 different nodes in parallel. (for ex. Say, the Machine Task has 5 Records to process, Each record will have one thread assigned and the thread will execute at one Node. That means 5 Records->5 Threads -> 5 Nodes.Each node will execute one thread having a record).

The BP flow have other MT’s after the above mentioned “A” Machine Task. The Issue here is, Once a Thread Completes its execution at a Node,It’s automatically moving to the Next Machine Task in the flow. The NEXT MACHINE TASK AFTER “A” IS GETTING EXECUTED FOR 5 TIMES, SINCE ALL THE 5 THREADS ARE CALLING IT. Actually how I PLANNED IS LIKE, CONTROL SHOULD MOVE TO THE NEXT MACHINE TASK, ONLY AFTER ALL THE 5 THREADS ARE EXECUTED.(i.e THE NEXT MACHINE TASK SHOULD BE EXECUTED ONLY ONCE, NOT 5 TIMES like previous case.

How can this be Achieved??

One of my colleague suggested to Change the Threshold to 100%,but it haven’t helped.

Hi @subramoniamjhB, do you run the BP in RPA Express or SPA Control Tower?

Hi Ashapkina , In SPA…

If you want the first bot task to run 5 times, and the second one to run just once, you can merge the records before the second bot task. You can read how to use merge in the KB:

The threshold should be 100% as you wrote above.

Thanks for your suggestion Ashapkina!! I will try it

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