Issue with Get Cell / Set Cell in Japanese

Anyone help me.

I’m studying about latest Lumen version, and the following trouble was found.

I have an Excel file as following.

Now, I want a robot to read A1 cell (=X), and paste this data to B1 cell.
I wrote a scenario manually as followings.

1 define a variable as string type and set “0” as default
2 open excel file
3 set active cell to A1
4 get current cell data to variable
5 set active cell to B1
6 set data from variable to current cell

And I’ve got following result.
0 0

Now, default data “0” of valuable was pasted to A1 and B1 cell.
I think this was very strange result, so I tried same robot scenario on the other PC.
This time I’ve got right result as followings.

As I atached exported groovy code, please advise me what was happen.

Thank you.

-----------------Groovy code---------------------------



            def form_list = RNumber.fromCanonical('0')
            def count = RString.of('')
            def mojiretsu = RString.of('NULL')

com.workfusion.rpa.helpers.RPA.metaClass.static.$ = { Closure c -> } // Support for Expression action. Should be implemented in RPA class in next release.


    try {
        setActiveCell("C:\\Users\\HS004\\Desktop\\test.xlsx", "A1")


            setCell("C:\\Users\\HS004\\Desktop\\test.xlsx", ExcelCellPosition.CURRENT, mojiretsu as String)

        setActiveCell("C:\\Users\\HS004\\Desktop\\test.xlsx", "B1")


            setCell("C:\\Users\\HS004\\Desktop\\test.xlsx", ExcelCellPosition.CURRENT, mojiretsu as String)


    } finally {

Hi, @Junji can you share the folder with your recording file, not the code exported to bot task?

Thank you.

Hi, ashapkina
Please teach me how to share the folder.
Thank you.

You need to find the folder with the recording in your workspace, zip it and upload to the message.
Default location of your workspace is C:\Users\username\workfusion-workspace\rpae_project

Hi! ashapkina
Please find ziped file, and advise me what is happen.
Thank (4.8 MB)

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@Junji you have a Set cell value at the start of the script. You need to use Get cell value to raed the value of the cell.

Hi ashapkina
Thank yor very much for your response.
But… please try again on Japanese version.

As you attached a picture in your message, “Get cell value” must be the first.
Ofcourse I know it.
But… in Japanese version, when I choose “Set cell” command and drop it on recordings pannel, then the command change to “Get cell” automatically.
Set cell command can not be choosed.

Please reffer to uploaded picture.
I doubt “get” command icon is replaced by “set”, and both of get and set have the same “set” function, in Japanese version.

And please refer to ziped movie.
You can see that “Get cell” command was changed to “Set cell” automatically. (2.5 MB)

@Junji yes, I could reproduce this issue.
Thanks for letting us know. We’ll create a ticket for this fix.

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@ashapkina How is this issue? I’m looking forward to fixed software.

There is ETA for this fix yet.

Bug of action name of “Set cell value”

I recently installed Intelligent Automation Cloud Express / Business 2.4.1. I use it as a Japanese version.
Drag and drop the “Set Cell Value” action in the action library to the action flow. Then, the name of “Set Cell Value” will be changed to “Get Cell Value”.
The property will be changed to the action name “Get Cell Value”.
I think it’s a bug in the action name. Please check it.

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Hi @toriitsuka thank you. We know about this bug and have created a ticket to fix it.