Issue with Get Folder Contents action


I have a dilemma with this action.

I download a file from the web.
I use Get Folder Contents action on the downloads folder filtered by last modified.
I use the first element of the Get Folder contents return (Which is a filepath) to moved the downloaded file into a specific folder using the Copy File/Move Action.

Issue - it take about 20 to 40 seconds for Get Folder action to recognize the downloaded file. I literally have a while loop constantly calling Get Folder Contents action until it finally recognizes the downloaded file.

Theory: Workfusion studio only refreshes the file system every 30 seconds or so, hence why it can only recognize the file after a certain time.

Any work around? Custom script action?

Much appreciated!

Hi @paulo_scholle

the Studio doesn’t have delays in updating the file system.

Do you have any Filter settings in the Gel Folder Contents action?

Yes - I just want the downloads in the last two minutes.

@paulo_scholle it happens because of the filter (by date modified).Looks like parameter “Date modified” is added to the file some time after the download, so the bot doesn’t find the file during the first several seconds.

If you disable this filer, the bot will pick up the file immediately.

You you need to use the filter, you can add a timeout of 30,000-40,000 ms to the action.

I think I have found the reason.

While the file is being downloaded it is called - [C:\Users\paulo.scholle\Downloads\Passport.JPG.crdownload]
(Chrome download format)

and when I use the Move File/Folder action, the file name has changed to
[C:\Users\paulo.scholle\Downloads\Passport.JPG] because the file has been downloaded.

I reckon I should right a loop that checks for “.crdownload”. Thanks for your assistance ashapkina

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