Issue with images in RPA Express


The image is recognized incorrectly.

I am capturing certain part of each page PDF . I have put a check on down arrow next to no.of pages. The logic I have used is a while loop stating -

Click and Go to next page if encounter this image -

This works perfectly fine.

and stop/get out of loop if encounter this image -

which is basically the disabled “Down” arrow . But it is not able to differentiate between

Is RPA Express color blind ?


@sampad_das_PwC2 - you can increase the image similarity threshold -


That’s a good feature but require lots of experiments from user to see which particular threshold is good for the use case. Is that any guideline on the matching threshold? Like, 90% means shape match, color may not match or sth.


The image matching threshold follows the following rules:

  1. images are compared by pixels
  2. image color is important only if bot found 2 or more similar images on one screen
  3. with threshold < 70%, there can be false positive results when your element is not present on the screen (bot will find something similar and will not fail)
  4. if your image contains relatively big amount of background (e.g. Button with “Close” text and screen contains other buttons with different text), the threshold should be set to 90%


Just a suggestion ,could you please provide a button to check the image match then and there .


@sampad_das_PwC2 - thanks for your idea, we will consider it while planning feature implementation



Can we please post a topic to the forum to have people vote for that feature?