Issue with index usage in for-each loops



Hello everyone!

I have an issue with index usage in for-each loops when List variable with given index returns List variable with single element.

Simple flow:

for each (row) in (rows)
enter keystrokes (from variable row, index #1)

where variable:

  • rows, Table, [[Name1, Surname1], [Name2, Surname2]]
  • row will be a List [Name1, Surname1] on 1st iteration and List[Name2, Surname2] in 2nd
  • expected that row#1 will be Name1 and Name2 correspondingly
  • actual result - I’m getting [Name1] in first iteration and [Name2] in second

Note: I do need exactly such flow, without inner for-each because I have different operations with different row elements.

Similar topic

where says that issue will be fixed in 1.1.6 but I’m using exactly 1.1.6

Could you please explain wether this is issue or I’m doing something wrong?

List content writen in brackets

Hi @roman_kelemen ,

Could you please post your recording here?

Best regards,
Yuliya Miadzel


Hello, Yuliya, @RPAx-Support

Sure, here it is: (274.0 KB)

(I’ve cutted all others actions to make example more clear)

However most probably you’ll will not be able to run it as-is due to my Ukraine local, that’s why all window names and anchor images contain ukrainian / russian spelling.

Instead, you may find useful next screenshots of input flow and execution result:

Action flow & variables (note ${i} variable was used in removed actions so they are redundant in this example):

I can’t use inner loop here because of different mouse click actions before each keystroke action

Execution result (1st iteration):

Hope this will help to clarify this behaviour
Thank you!

Best regards,
Roman Kelemen


hi @roman_kelemen,

Thanks for pointing out this issue.

We are planning this to be fixed in the 1.1.8 release.

Meanwhile you can use 2 For Each loops: