Issue with Relative Date Modified in Get Folder Contents action

I’m having an issue getting an accurate list of files that were modified in the last 90 days.

My recording saves a new excel file then edits this file at certain steps throughout the script (using excel actions and saving along the way). At the end of the script, it gets all of the folder contents from the folder where said file is saved, then gets folder contents from the same folder with a relative date modified check of 90 days. The script then checks each file in the all contents list against the “last 90 days” list and deletes any that do not overlap. The goal here is to delete any file older than 90 days.

Everything works except the “last 90 days” list fails to include the file that was last saved in the current run - the get all contents list reads the file just fine. This causes the script to read the current file as an outlier and deletes it.

This is the last step of the recording and the file in question is saved multiple times throughout. I have tried setting a 40 second wait time in the advanced section of the get folder contents action with no luck. Is there something obvious that I’m missing or is this possibly a bug?

screen shot for reference:

Hi Wilson, it is a bug in the action - looks like it cannot find files that were created less than a minute before.
We have created a ticket to fix it.

Before it is fixed, try using a bigger wait before Get folder contents action, at least 60 seconds.

Let me know if it doesn’t fix the issue.

Yep, 60 second wait time does the trick, thanks!


Glad it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Modified Date is the date when a new version of the item is created, which is visible in List View when toggled on. It will be the same date as the date the most recent version was created. Last Activity Date is the date when changes are made to the item’s metadata, not affecting the versioning.