Issues in getting the value from excel


Dear Team,

I am facing the issues while taking the values from the excel using RPA Express 1.1.6.

I am storing row value in table variable and loop through table variable.

I am getting the issues while taking the value from item index(2). For Example value is 11000202 in excel but in item it is [11000202].

Request you to please help me on priority.





Please create a sample small recording to reproduce this issue (reading value from excel and pasing to notepad) with similar data and variables and post this recording and excel file here.


BTW, you can use the Get Range action instead of using the While loop -


Dear Team,

I am getting the same error with Get Range also.

Request you to please help me on priority.



this issue will be solved in next release,
for now please use this workaround

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#6 (14.9 KB)
Please find the attached sample script.


@adyatlikov its working with Constant value but not picking the next record in loop.

Request you to please let me know the other solution.



looks like you using get row (next), get cell value (cell below) and set cell value(cell below) in one script
all of this actions are changing active cell in your script
so it works in following way
for example we have table (in your example input file also have same quantity of non-empty rows)

| q | w | e |
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
| 4 | 5 | 6 |
| 7 |

set active cell(A1) = set active cell to the beginning of excel file (‘q’ in example)
get row(next) gets row value and changes active cell to first of next row from current active cell (‘1’ in example)
get cell value(cell below) gets value from cell below and also changes active cell to this cell (‘4’ in example)
after that if current_value is NOT empty (and it’s not empty) set cell value(cell below) executed (active cell is already on ‘7’)

so next iteration will get empty value and if condition would be false, that why you get only 1 value after script execution
you can check it by adding additional lines in your script

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