Issues with Open Development Framework Setup

I’ve faced multiple issues following the next guide:

first i faced an issue with the file which is not located were the guide says. Then i couldn’t “maven install” the pom.xml file due to some missing dependencies (i don’t know if this was needed but adding them in the pom.xml made the maven project successfully build).
Now i’m having trouble running the transaction-sample.xml as bot task.
I would like some assistance resolving these issues and clarifying some topics of the provided guide since some parts are very confusing and because this module is new to ae-specialist learning path, existing threads answering these questions are scarce.
Thanls in advance.

First, make sure you installed RPAx PRO of version 2.2.2 - get it here
This version will guarantee proper paths and tested ODF support.

About “transaction-sample.xml” - not clear what exactly issue is, so hard to suggest you a solution. Please post error here.

This is the error work fusion throws me when i try to run the xml as bot task. Apparently I have multiple bindings, i already tried to delete the class from one of the paths but it didn’t work.
Also is not possible for me to get RPAx Pro since I’m taking this courses as part of my job and the PC I was given at the office came with RPA express preinstalled with no options to upgrade it.