Iterate through hyperlinks in web

Hi All,

I have requirement in a web automation.

Click on link 1 - Perform set of actions,
Click on Link 2 - Perform set of actions

Note : Both links are on same webpage - im trying to get link info through xpath.


Hi Narendra,
Please provide more details. What link info do you need to get, the urls?

Hi Narendra, could you please provide more details, i.e. the web-page, the links you need to use, which actions you have problems with.

If I understood your issue correctly, you need to save the xpaths of the links in a list variable, and then iterate through the list using for each loop to click on links and perform the set of actions you need.
Please let me know if you habve other questions.

Thanks, It worked :slight_smile:

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How do I do that? what’s the order?