Iterating a list or a grid rows - file attachments


I have a ask which requires me to iterate the items in a grid and the open up each individual record details on a separate page, come back to the listing page and perform the same operation for the next record. Wondering what you guys think about iterating grid’s items? We can expect multiple pages in a grid and may need to traverse to the next page.

Another case requires me to download the specific file from a list of attachments (not all, only some file based on their captions) and then re-upload the file in a different portal. I have not dealt with the attachments yet and would like to know your thoughts on this. “Wait For Image” can be utilized in order to identify the specific caption of a file to be downloaded but after that I need to move to the right column in order to hit the download button.

File downloading/attachment, should I be looking into “S3 File Storage” for this?



Please describe the application you are automating (desktop/browser/excel) - screenshots will help.

Note that RPA Express currently provides image-based automation, but we have also some system actions, see: