Java App not recording

Hi - i have an Eclipse application i’m trying to record some mouse clicks in, but the recorder doesn’t seem to pick up anything at all. is that a known limitation or am i doing something wrong? Thanks!

@marek_zalewski can you see objects in the application using Inspector?

If you cannot - try to run WF Studio as administrator and record the application:
file C:\RPAExpress\Studio\workfusion-studio.exe

Does it manage to pick up selectors this way?

So from the Inspector, if i just start it it doesn’t seem to “see” the application running. But when i try to Capture, the app shows up in the list of running apps. Then Right Click on the app name in the list and Click and it brings it to the front. How do i automate clicking thru some menu items from here? Thanks for your help!

If the Inspector sees the objects inside the application, you can copy the selectors using the Capture mode and use them in mouse actions. You can see the details in this training video. The UI of the Inspector has updated, but the logic is the same.

If the Inspector doesn’t see objects inside the application, try running Studio as administrator.

Thanks for your help, but the application doesn’t even show up in the list of running processes.

Even if you run the Studio as administrator?

not even then. you can see the app as the background to the screenshot an yet not showing in the list…

What is the name of the application? It is your internal app or can we install it to test from our side?

App is called Maconomy and it requires a backend db etc. we could do a screensharing session if you think that would be helpful. thanks!

Thank you @marek_zalewski. Is there any way to download this app to test it?

Also, are you sure you started WF Studio as administrator and not from the tray menu?
This icon usually means that the application is run as administrator and you don’t have enough rights to access it.


Reviving this topic: We’re running Deltek Maconomy too and experience the same issue, ie. that the software can only be automated through image recognition. It is “shaky” at best, and recordings need to be tweaked endlessly and continuously to apprehend Maconomy’s varying response time and new, unexpected error messages… :roll_eyes:

My assumption is that Inspector doesn’t recognise the application because it is a Java app, and the UI elements perhaps aren’t compliant with standard Windows application UI elements, even though they are “standard” in appearance? It is as if trying to automate a Remote Desktop application…

Even if you could download the app you would still need a user license (and login/server credentials) to launch and test the application. So, as @marek_zalewski suggested, the only feasible option would be to do a collaborate test session through screensharing or the like…

As far as I can tell, the application Maconomy.exe opens/launches a number of .jar files upon execution. I don’t know if it makes you any wiser, but here’s a copy of my local Maconomy.ini configuration file:


@jonas_aasted1 what version of Intelligent Automation Cloud (RPA Express) do you have? And have you tried starting it as administrator?

@ashapkina: I have tried with pretty much every version, from the first public available version of RPA Express until the current version (2.4.0)

I have indeed tried starting it as administrator, without any success (ie. same behaviour: Maconomy app doesn’t show up in Inspector)