After succesfully try a robot in the workspace, i published it in the control tower but it gives me this error when i run it.


I dont understand what is the problem, in the workspace it runs perfectly, thaks for the answer!

events_root_2764c88d-124b-42da-b3e2-00b4431df4b0_2019-03-15 12_48_35.xlsx (4.7 KB)

Hi @egerolamieekoR,

Could you please clarify if you’re using RPA Express or SPA?
Also, could you give some details about your business process?


I found the solution, Im using Rpa Express, the problem was that i had a variable called Log in the robot and in the workspace it didnt give any trouble but after publishing the robot in the control tower this variable name seems to be a problem, so I changed it to Log1 and it worked fine.


@egerolamieekoR, glad you were able to solve it!
Thanks for sharing the results!:slight_smile: