Keep application open - Workflow / Bot Tasks / Control Tower



i have a workflow with different bot task and i want to open Outlook on a first task. The Problem is, that Outlook is being closed before the second task (subject_check) starts. Is it possible to keep the window open after finishing the first task?





Thanks for your question!

Yes it is possible. You need to:

  1. in the launch_outlook step, you need to open Outlook using:
    – Mouse Click (on outlook icon)
    – Enter Keystrokes (Win + R, “outlook”, ENTER)
    But NOT using the Launch Application action

  2. Uncheck the Close windows after script completion parameter

  3. Publish your recording to Control Tower

Overall we recommend to implement your case using one Recording.

Workfusion studio - maintain "state" after recording is finished

It works! Thx!