Key Combination takes huge time


I am using a windows i5 machine with 16GB RAM, still it is taking 40-60 seconds to open Change Key Combination Window.

Is there any setting that can be changed to make it work faster?


Hi Vaibhav, yes, we are aware of this issue and are working to improve its performance. However, the delay is usually several seconds, 60 seconds is way too long. Is it the only function that works that slowly?

Hi Alesia,

Sometimes it takes more than 60 seconds also. Apart from this OCR takes around 100 seconds or more, not sure if it is the expected behavior.


Yes, OCR takes a long time to process the information, it is expected behavior. But registering keystrokes shouldn’t take so much time. We are planning to investigate and fix this issue.

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@vaibhav_a1YTwn this issue has been fixed for version 2.1.0. The action should now work faster.
Please let me know how it works for you when you have a chance to update and try it out.