Keyboard action recorder

Hi all,
I am experiencing very slow keyboard action recorder… is there any way I can speed it up?
(my specs are quite ok, 8GB ram, ssd, 2 cores i5 @ 2.3 ghz…)


Hi @aleksandrs.bogdanovs, does it work slowly when you need to type long text?

Hi @ashapkina, I was referring to this functionality (no diff long or short…, the startup takes too long time). And in addition, when trying to record Alt F4, the window closes…


Yes, it is a known issue with keystrokes action. We are fixing it, the fix will be included in one of the nearest releases.

For the issue with Alt + F4, please try the workaround suggested by @halmi_nordinqK in this post Alt+F4 Keystroke function is not working in latest version 1.1.9

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Hi @aleksandrs.bogdanovs the issue with slow performance has been fixed in version 2.1.0.

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