Keyboard in CMD


I’m running a script and all works fine. It opens the files with win+r get the OCR from that document. Then I try to rename it on the CMD. But when I’m in CMD the word that write there are not correct. I manage to work changing my language to English us and Keyboard to US. But this is not a solution as my Keyboard is Spanish. How can I solve this. The issue is one in CMD.



Hi. Could you please share a screenshot of your script or share the whole script? Also, what are you trying to write in cmd? Have you defined the window?


Attach the script.

ocr_loop.rar (90.4 KB)

I try to install the workfusion in English and in Spanish, when when I’m doing the rename in CMD the characters are not correct.

What do you mean by “characters are not correct”, what is it typing instead of what do you need?
Maybe you can try to define cmd window as on a screenshot below?

Hello in CMS is try to add c:\ is works well in search in windows +r but when I try to put it in CMD it type c%. I check it and the point is that my keybord in in Spanish but the letter that is add it in CMD corresponds to the same position but in the Keybord in Eng US.