Keystrokes are recorded twice


I am a new user to WorkFusion RPAe. I am trying to do my first recording. When I playback the recording, I could see that all my keystrokes are doubled. I could see that the recorder has captured all keystrokes twice. Eg: For “notepad”, the recorder has captured “nnootteppaadd”.

I tried to find the answer in this forum as well as googled. But could not break through. Any help will be much appreciated.


Replace the long series of “Enter Keystrokes (typed text)” with a single one that enter all the text.
(one for "n, a second for “o”, a third for “t”, fourth for “e”)
In the right hand pane (Enter Keystrokes, Type Text check, Text to type box) just replace the single letter with the whole string (notepad) and delete the rest.

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