Keystrokes configured in bot2 task are getting executed in the main window instead of bot2 window

Hi Team,

I have two BPs running in two separate windows (RPA Pro Trial version). however the key strokes configured in 2nd window is getting executed in main window. Please help with this scenario .

Ex: the keystrokes configured in second bot window is executing in main bot window.


Hi @narendra_purTG, do you run the two processes simultaneously and the one that was built for bot2 window runs in the main window, and the one that was built for the main window runs on in bot2 window?

@ashapkina, the keystrokes win+s configured in bot2 runs in main window.

@narendra_purTG could you please share your recording? We will test it.

Thank you.


Attached is the script. I published this as BP. When this process is running in BOT2’s window, the “windows+s” action is being performed in main window incorrectly, whereas it supposed perform “windows+s” in BOT2’s window.

Narendra winkey (586 Bytes)

Thanks a lot @narendra_purTG. We will try to reproduce this issue.

@narendra_purTG when you start the business process from Control Tower, it is executed on any available bot (it can be bot2 or the main window).

Please try stopping the bot in the main window and see how the process will be executed (Bot manager - localhost).

It should be executed in bot2 window.

@ashapkina, all these process are on schedule.

Please provide us an alternate work around to avoid this issue.

@narendra_purTG Is the script you posted above the whole process you schedule from Control Tower? If not, could you share the whole process to see all the actions you want to execute?

If it has any sensitive data you don’t want to post on the forum, you can share it through a personal message.

Hi @narendra_purTG please let me know if you still need help with this issue.

Hi @ashapkina,

I have scheduled two more BPs tomorrow with some changes. I will sure update on the execution results to you on tomorrow.


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Hi @ashapkina,

This issue happens only when i login to VM from my PC. Today i directly logged into VM and monitored the business process and BPs worked as expectorated.