Keystrokes error in 2.1.0

Hi Team,

When we use keystrokes, all the keystrokes are getting appended with “ctrl”.

Example: if we hit Enter, the RPAE reading it as ctrl+Enter. This is happening for all keystrokes.


Hi @narendra_purTG thanks a lot for reporting.
We are aware of this issue and work on fixing it.

For now, the workaround for it is to close and reopen WF Studio.

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I am using latest version of RPA Express 2.1.0 in which i was able to use keystroke combinations continuously with different combinations(Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+Shift+L … etc…).

But after 8 or n times usage of keystrokes continuously, it saves the previous combinations and doesn’t allow user to enter desired combinations.

E.g: Used continuous steps of keystroke combination(ALT+Down, Ctrl+home etc…) and then when trying to enter with ALT+Up., its taking as Ctrl+ALT+UP(Previous combination of ctrl is stored and added with further steps).

As a workaround for now, need to close recorder and performing steps again.

Hi @sailesh_malepa we are aware of this issue and are working on solving it.

In enter keystrokes ,i have been trying to give ‘tab’ but it is taking ctrl+tab automatically.
what that is happenning?

@sonali_parida yes, we currently have this bug in the Studio and are fixing it.

The workaround is to to restart the Studio.


I just want to inform about a bug that i have found working with RPA Express. When I put an “Enter Keystroke” action in my “Actions Flow” and I put a key combination that includes the key “Alt”, the following times the capture of the key combinations doesn’t work properly. In every combination of keys that you try to put, the system includes always and “Alt” too. And the only solution that I have found until this moment is restarting WorkFusion Studio. When I restart the situation returns to normal. But, if I need later another combination with “Alt”, the problem is there again. And I have to restart again and again every time I need a key combination with “Alt”.


Hi Carlos, it is caused by a bug in the current version of RPA Express.
It will be fixed for version 2.2, which we are planning to release later in December.

Thank you very much for the information.

Have a nice day.

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Hi @cgutierrezlopezdelafranca @sonali_parida @sailesh_malepa @narendra_purTG this bug has been fixed.