Keystrokes fail in Excel

Noticed keystroke actions must be associated with a window element–
Keystrokes fail when attempting to automate sub functions from the ribbon in excel,
for example, to create a pivot table, keystrokes: alt+n+s+z+p are used, but the bot can only go as far as alt+n+s+z and cannot access the sub menu (p) as an error throws indicating no such element is detected.
What window element exists in order for sub menus to be selected?

Hi Martina,

Try switching to window Net UI Tool Window before pressing p.

No success; does not appear to be the right window.

Have you tried recording a click on some element in this sub menu window using ‘Insert recording’ option?
It will record the Switch to window, too, and have the correct window title.

aha, yes it works now with the recorder, thank you.
it’s not able to pick up this selector

[CLASS:NetUITWBtnMenuItem; NAME:PivotChart & PivotTable; TEXT:PivotChart & PivotTable]

but at the very least it’s still able to select the keystroke belonging to the pivot chart button in this UI Tool window.

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