Keystrokes from Version 2.1 not work at RPA Express Version 2.2

Hi Expert,

I use the latest version of RPA Express 2.2 where I can use keystrokes to select dropdown, but when I click key (DOWN), the dropdown is not selected.
This works on RPA Express version 2.1 but doesn’t work on RPA Express version 2.2.

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Hi @abdu_rachman do you need to select item from dropdown on a web page?
Could you share the URL?

The dropdown I selected is a dropdown from printer setting popup.

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@abdu_rachman perhaps, the bot cannot find the correct window in which to use the dropdown.
Before using mouse clicks and keystrokes in the window, switch to it.

It is a good practice to always switch to the window. It will make the recording more stable.

Why do we have such inconsistency between versions? It is becoming a nightmare to go back and fix the existing bots.

Hi, I created a bunch of bot scripts in 2.1.2.

Some common ones i use is in Excel sheets:

  1. CTRL + G - trigger go to the window
  2. typed text - to go to a specific cell, e.g. C2
  3. keystroke CTRL+SHIFT+down to select column
  4. keystroke Context Menu - the key next to right alt, similar to right click
  5. keystroke ‘F’ to format cells

After upgrading to 2.2, step 5 is no longer detected on the menu, but it gets typed into C2.

Is this a bug? It’s so irritating that my bots all stopped working.

this is random, but i observe the issue before CTRL + C, or CTRL + v, or SHIFT + Space.


Probably, you will need to switch to the new window before pressing F.

@Kianteck sorry for that. This issue will be fixed in one of the next releases, tentatively, at the beginning of April. The old bots, built without explicit switches to the window, should work.
However, we still recommend to include Window actions when you can to make sure the actions are always executed in the correct window.

Hi, there is no window title for the “content menu” in excel. so i cannot switch to it.

It will be window: Net UI Tool Window

You can record the window in order not to write the name manually: press Insert new recording, record clicking some link on the context menu, and press Stop - it will record the correct window action, and you can delete all other actions you don’t need

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Will try, thanks!

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@Kianteck RPA Express 2.3 is out.

If you enable this new setting in the Preferences, your old bots that didn’t necessarily used switches to window should work correctly again.


Thanks so much for the update!

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