Keystrokes not working in RDP session

Hi Team,

I am trying to issue key strokes in RDP session (Windows 7).Even though keystroke is working for “Type text” case it is not working when bot try to issue “Key Combination”.

Note: I tried all the options available under “Local resources” tab in Remote Desktop Connection window.

Please check and help at the earliest I need to create a POC.I have attached the recording file.

Kishore (49.0 KB)

@kmkumar1 which keystrokes fails in this recording?

keystrokes such as alt+f4 or Win key also failing.

Failing in the sense it wont throw any error but wont perform on the screen and it will show as completed as well in the recording flow.

To be precise, all the key combinations are not working where as mouse clicks and simply typing also will work.But not shortcut key (Key combination).

Please check and help asap.


@kmkumar1 this issue was fixed. We are planning to release the version with the fix at the beginning of September.


Thanks for the info.
Can you please provide approximate date in September so that I can plan my POC creation


We are planning to release it after September 4th.

Thanks for the details, will wait eagerly till that time…:slight_smile:

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Any update on the release?

Also, this issue is not mentioned under known issues at

Hi @kmkumar1, we will release the build with this fix tomorrow.

Hi @kmkumar1 the bug has been fixed in version 2.1.0.