Keystrokes problem

Hi, I use “enter keystrokes-text from variable action” to paste a string variable, which is copied from an excel file, into a search bar. The problem is sometimes it does not work accurately. For example it takes the string variable “add-00251” and writes it like “add-0025” or “ad-00251”. What is the reason behind these mistakes?

Hi @yaren.
Could you please provide screenshot with your action settings? Also please advise your RPA Express version, you can find it in Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features.

my RPA Express version is 2.3.0. 1236 but I don’t know how to look at my action settings.

Just go to your recording, select the required action which one you think has the issue and look at the right panel. For example, for an action Enter Keystrokes:


It is not a constant thing, for example it works correctly 50 times and in 51th cell it just doesn’t write all of the letters or numbers and it works correctly again in 52nd cell.

Hi Lera, I still have the same problem, did you find anything that can help me?

Hi yaren,

It might be the case that the browser is lagging (for example if you use remote desktop).
Could you please see if the issue also happens when typing into a text editor (ie: notepad ++) instead of search bar?


Hello @yaren.

Is this still actual? Did you try to test in text editor as Alexander advised?