Link for intelligent automation cloud download Link


I have tried submitting the form for intelligent automation cloud, but I am still not able to get any response from the team for the Download link for intelligent automation cloud.

Can you please suggest where can I find the link and Download the tool.


Hi @Sumit20 we have decided to close Express and Business editions of Intelligent Automation Cloud. They are no longer available for download from our website.

Hi Ashapkina,

Where to get the tool even for trial basis so that I can understand the Working of WorkFusion.

I want to understand the WorkFusion working with trying this out using both learning Platform and the Tool it self.

So, need you help how to move forward…


Hello @ashapkina,

how can we find further information about the product changes and the roadmap going forward?


where can i get the tool for trail basis

I also want to practice the tool.
Will the link in this guide work without a purchased license?

Or maybe this download link?