Link to re-install WorkFusion RPA Express



Can I please get a link to WorkFusion RPA Download? I had to delete the last version due to issues with Installation and unfortunately, the download link I had seems to have expired. I would like to re-install the product from scratch and a working link would help me tremendously



Hi Sreerama Nanduru, please check your inbox, we’ve sent you a new link


Got it! Wonderful and thanks for the quick turnaround!



Can you send the link to me as well.
For some reasons, I have not received any emails with a download link.


Naoki Matsushita


Hi @Naoki_Matsushita. I have sent you an email, please let me know if you receive it.



Please forward the download link to me as well !
I also didnt receive the mail



Hi Pooja

I have recieved the email.
Thank you very much!




Hi Pooja
Can you send me the download link for RPA express


Hi Pooja,
Can you please send me the link to download Workfusion RPA Express.
Thanks in Advance.


I am also waiting for WorkFusion RPA Download link .As per earlier Workfusion video it was mentioned, it will be send in batches .Eagerly waiting .Hope I received it soon


Hi all,
We’re releasing RPA Express in batches and will be communicating to you in the next 1-2 days as to when you can expect to receive RPA Express. Please make sure you’re registered at if you have not already.



I have registered a couple of times. But still didnt receive the link.
The one that is on the training is an old version sunbird.


Hello Pooja,

I’m new in this Fórum and haven’t received any download link, could you please send it to me?

Thanks a bunch!!



I’m new to work fusion and haven’t received any download link, could some one please send it to me?


@Baskar_Shanmugham - have you registered at ?


Yes I have registered


How Big is the installer? I clicked on the link direct from email and It’s downloading since last 3 hours. 2.5 Gb and still going on…


@Amit_Diwan2 - it is approx 2.6 GB


Hi I got the email to download but when I click on that link I got the error

AccessDenied Request has expired 604800 2017-04-27T13:52:22Z 2017-05-24T00:48:07Z 9DF64E0ADE8033F0 gQO10iN/ZWWo+PRGTTGy4nMroi2OlSk7UCHs01x4kji8IDIFNMPuIW17Zl8grQ/6gkuonYoCARw=

Can you please resend the link? I have registered for 2 times.




Can you please send the link? I received an email but no link is there.