List content writen in brackets



Hi everyone,

I have created a list variable in Recorder Variables as shown below:

The problemm is when I want to write the content into a field (like Amazon search bar), it writes “[Les Misérables]” instead of “Les Misérables” (1st element of the list as example). I do not know where I can change that.
Anyone has an idea ?



Issue at using Keystroke of Table Value


To type list elements, you can use the For Each loop:

For Each (ieam) in (product_list)
    Enter Keystrokes (item)



it does not remove the [ ] ? how to you copy out of a list without the []


it removes the [ ]


can you please show me a recording in express on how this is done


hi! :wave:, have the same issue here, I try with the for each that you mentioned and Im still having the same issue.

here is how I upload the information (not the best way that I want but what I have…)

and this is how im trying to past the value of a column in my list (row).

I’m trying since last thursday i can’t find a solution :confused:

thanks in advance.


Hi all

The same issue.
Just want to add that using inner loops is not a proper solution for some cases.
For example if we want to handle different elements in row in different ways.

Anyway I can’t understand why it happens.
Let see simple loop:

for each (row) in (table)

  • keystroke (row#1)

where table is Table type. According to specification, row will be List type
so by using row with index #1 I’m expecting to get first element of this list. In fact, we are getting another single-element list.

Moreover, execution log cleary shows that row during exectuin was a list like:
[Item1, Item2, Item3]
so I can’t understand, why accessing to first (or any) element using Index gives us [Item1] but not Item1

Is it expected behavior?

Thanks for answers

More details of the case above in separate topic: