Lock the code, comments and change password


  1. Firstly, is there any feature to lock the code, so that other person doesn’t change the code. User must have access to play the recording.

  2. Is there any option of comments in the code?
    Suppose I want some part of the code not to execute. How to comment such part of the code?

  3. Lastly, I want to change or remove the password when we open the software.

Please help me.

Hi @vinayak

  1. There is no option to lock the code. You can vote for it in this topic
    Lock the Code in RPA recorder

If you don’t want other users to change the recording, you can publish it to Control Tower, create a package and share the package with them so they can run it from Control Tower - they will not be able to change the code in this case.

  1. you can disable (uncheck) actions in the Actions flow that you don’t want to be executed.

  2. What password are you talking about? The one you insert when starting WorkFusion Studio?

thanks mam.
yes i am talking about that password only. Every time i run work-fusion i have to enter password to play recording.
is control tower licence free and if licence free how can i achieve that action

No, you cannot change this password.