Log file build up

Hi, our copy of Intelligent Automation Cloud Business Edition is building up an abundance of log files and we’re running out of disk space. We want to delete them on a regular basis. Should we be able to delete the logs under C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs without encountering any unintended problems? The gist of our space is taken up at this location. If you have other recommended areas where we can also regularly delete log files, please let us know.

Hi @martina_r what version of the tool do you use? Since version 2.2, all logs older than a week should be deleted automatically.

Also, to answer your question: yes, you can delete logs from C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs. But you need to close the application first and wait for all of its processes to stop before deleting the logs.

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We’re using 2.3.

I haven’t watched for the timestamps for all the files specifically, but the number of logs that are generated appear consistent–some are just worth over 15MB a piece.

Small update: deleting all the logs in \tomcat\logs helped us immensely. We were freed of about 20gb of space.

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Hi @ashapkina ,

I have similar issue regarding log files build up. Below is the file which has huge file size and the other logs which are having equally huge in size. Please suggest how to optimize these logs and tomcat.txt

We are using RPA Express 2.3 version.


and below log files as well. Appreciate you response here. Thanks in advance.

@divyadevarashetti try this to solve the issue with tomcat.txt: close RPA Express and wait for all of its processes to stop; run the file logrotate from the folder you shared above. As for the files from the logs folder, you can delete them manually, but also only when the application is closed.

Thanks for your quick response @ashapkina. Will try that and let you know.
Meanwhile, is there any way out we can clear tomcat.txt or the files in log folder automatically or using any script? instead of running logrotate and deleting logs manually? Thanks for your time.

@divyadevarashetti logs should be deleted once a week. You can check in the Windows task scheduler if you have a task for running the file “logrotate”.

Hi @ashapkina , I cannot find logrotate in task manager or in the logs folder. can you assist please with a screenshot or any other way how can we delete these logs. Also, I observed logs were not deleted once a week.

@divyadevarashetti in the Task Scheduler, the task is called Workfusion. By default, it is set to run at 11 am every day.