Log Filtering Functionality for WorkFusion Web UI




We are using the log view function provided in WorkFusion web interface for troubleshooting. This is a critical feature for us since Web-Harvest IDE does not provide debugging and our workaround is put enough loggers to understand what’s going on in the code.

We’ve seen a few deficiencies in this feature. I’ve listed them below;

  1. Log entries are paginated - need to traverse through pages to view the complete log
  2. When running multiple BPs in parallel, all log entries get intermingled and it’s difficult to distinguish. We’ve put custom reference ids in the logs to overcome this issue

Considering the potential value additions, we would like to suggest a log filtering feature for the web interface. Some of the capabilities that we think would become handy are listed below;

  1. Dynamic scrolling with out pagination
  2. Filter logs by Business Process, Business Process Step etc.
  3. Export the logs to Excel

There could be many other enhancements, but the above three are critical in our experience.

Would appreciate your attention on this. It would be a feature that would add a lot of value to the platform in general.



Dear osilva,

Thank you for your feedback, we will plan some improvements of work with logs for next releases.



Some inprovements are already done in WF 7.6 - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/Releases/WorkFusion+7.6#WorkFusion7.6-ExportProcessLogstoExcel


Thanks @svasilyev and @azinchuk for the response.

The export to excel feature adds a lot of value! Thanks for including that feature!