Logical operators in ifelse action

how can we use logical operators in ifelse action:

like if x >1 and x<=50

pls help.!

anyone out there to respond.?

In this case you can use another if-else action inside the if-else action.

Thanks for response.

I am aware of this solution but there should be a single line statement within Ifelse action to avoid number of if/else conditions in our workflow. :slight_smile:

@vikas_rawat1 There is no such feature now.
But we are planning to add multiple logic operators to If-Else actions in one of the future releases.

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Hi all,

I have the same question as @vikas_rawat1 but with the logical operator β€œor”
like if x contains β€œa” or x contains β€œc”

Indeed, in this case nested if-else conditions do not work.

Can anyone help ?

Thank you in advance.

Quentin Prevost

Hi @quentin_prev
It works for OR the same way as Alesia described above. I am using it in one of our flows for approximately 20 different values. It is quite ugly (20 nested if-else) but it works.
A Case action would be helpful and I think it is on the list for future releases.

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