Login automation


I’m working on a task where i need to login from different credentials each time and perform a set of actions. I used a for each loop(by having login and password in a excel) to change the credentials each time but i’m not able to succeed. Requesting to help me resolve this issue.

For Each loop should work in this case.
You can use Constant value action to save the login and password to string variables, and then use them when logging in.

Dear Alesia,

I used the above logic and i got the following error message. Kindly guide me…
Attached snapshot for reference.

Can you share a screenshot of the Constant value action?

I have created three variables under same name as suggested

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Sorry, I used a wrong variable in the screenshot.
“credentials” is a table, and is this case you need a List.

You need to use id - ${id[1]}, ${id[2]}.

Thank you… the Process works fine

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I’m using the For Each loop action to accomplish the login but the same process is repeated for each user… I have 5 user logins. The way it is supposed to work is for each login the download should change i.e., for each login the different files should be downloaded but here the same file is downloaded for each user(5 times in this case) in the loop and again its fetching second data and being downloaded. Kindly suggest a way to download the files only once by changing the login every time.