Logs in RPA Express robots

Hi @ashapkina :slight_smile: , I have a question regarding the logging for RPA Express robot.

I have a process build in RPA Express (via the configuration, drag and drop with some script elements). I want to be able to log errors and warnings to quickly understand the issue with my robot (where it failed, what value was missed etc…). I want this output to be in “human” friendly format, so that business user could see it and act on it.

What is the best practice for that? Can I utilize control tower for that? Or should I build some custom logging system? Also, what is the best way to notify the user when my RPA Express robot has encountered some error (but has not failed), i.e. how can send the custom email notification?

Thanks in advance and happy holidays,

There is currently no option to log an error if the bot fails and you cannot retrieve the error message, only see it in the rpa-node logs.

But you could include exception handling actions in the script, and if an error occurs, write a message to a text file
or send an email to a person saying that a certain action has failed.

Hope it helps you!