Loop through web

Hi everyone, I am very new to RPA express, and just went through the exercise where the bot goes on twitter and pulls the tweet if it has #RPA. I finished the exercise and I wanted to know how would someone continuously loop this through the whole web page. for example, let’s say instead of just one tweet, I want to pull all the tweets with a specific Hashtag, which loop would I use? I was thinking maybe a while loop, where it keeps repeating the actions until you reach the end of the webpage or the end of all the tweets. How would I do something like that?


Hello @dshafique.
You can try to use Retry loop and While as well. Pay attention that Retry loop works till the exception occurs or till number of attempts finishes.

Hi @dshafique you can also try using 2 While loops for this, so the bot will continue the While loop you had in the assignment till it finds the image of the end of the web page.