Loop thru Multiple Excel Rows using RPA Express



Here is my use case,
I have my form data in excel, so i need to read excel row and i fill my first form input with first excel column, 2nd form input with 2nd excel column , etc.,

I am good with the above.

If i need to repeat the same with multiple rows to fill the form data multiple times.

Simple Example is user registration all registration data is there in excel as multiple rows and i need to register multiple users in a website.
How to loop thru all teh rows of the excel using rpaexpress

Looping the process for each row in excel
Excel Iteration


You can use the Loops functionality: While, For Each, or Repeat



How to use that, here is what i am doing

  1. Open Excel - Get Row (By Index) . Read it into a list variable.
  2. 1st element from list into first input in the form variable, 2nd element from list into 2nd input in the form, etc.,

Now to repeat this , i need to use it in a loop and i have to get the next row from excel into the same list variable - I am not able to find it using so many excel get row functionalities (current, next, etc.,)

This is required for me to complete a POC can i connect you thru email on this.


I have same problem. Did you get the answer? Please connect me through email. abhijit.kulkarni@fisglobal.com


Here is the snapshot of my actions.

I am not able to understand where to use loop and what loop.

I need to loop thru the excel for all the rows. (I used Next, which suppose to get next row each time, but i am getting the same row )


I tried the same to open the file in back ground using excel functionality. But not succeeded in moving to the next row etc.

As a workaround what I did is to concatenate all the field values into first column and read the first column using excel functionality. Using for each item loop, get the column values into array and use the array values in your form.


I tried an option, i will post it when i go back to home.


Here is how we can iterate thru multiple rows…

But the loop ending logic you have to have.



Did u the same variable for both Get function of Excel?
i.e. GetRow(First) and GetRow(Next)

Please expand the Action flow window and then share the screenshot , Because I am still confused.



Suppose my usecase is to fill the html form ,and the content of that form is present in Excel Sheet. That is one row of excel sheet have the full contents to fill 1 html form.
Likewise I have 10 rows in Excel Sheet and want to fill the same form with this 10 rows of contents, how do i switch to the next row of Excel sheet? don’t want to use hardcoded numeric index want it to iterate in loop.
As the index field doesn’t accept variable so unable to increment the row number.


There are some sample videos available online, you might want to watch that.

I have not worked much with the excel operations but I would recommend to give that a try. Here is one of the solutions without utilizing out of the box excel actions.

  1. Bring focus back to the excel sheet every time you are done with the html form submission.
  2. I am assuming that your cursor/selected cell ideally be the last row you copied content from
  3. Use “Enter Keystrokes” action and press Ctrl+Home short key - this will bring you to the first cell of the excel row
  4. Use another keystroke action and press DOWN key to come down to the first cell of the next row

You also need to have an exit condition as when to stop the above instructions. You can verify if the first cell of the next row has contents in it and is not empty or you can take the count of the entire rows initially and use them in the loop to perform the iterations.

Let me know if this helps?


Hi @haider_raza,

Thanks for your valuable advice, I am already using this approach.
Just be more generic and compact, I have asked that is there any inbuilt operation available in RPA Express.
Because there might be a possibility that I’ve slipped on some concept.


Please search this forum as your question are already asked most of the tiime

Same subject is already being discussed in parallel

Contains sample as well


While Iterating the Excel Sheet Row I have selected the Row position ‘Next’ and keep this event inside While loop. But still in every iteration it selects the first(i.e next row of initially selected row) in every iteration.
so how do I move or iterate row by row.


use column actions (get column- down) - to move to the below cell , then get row .


get column doesn’t have the action down?
n it needs a variable to get the value which is not useful for me.


@rajagopal.yendluri, @abhijit_kulkarn, @Hari_Babu2, @jain_rohit_ghrc, @haider_raza, @Pierre_Bernier3

please see the following topic - How to read excel spreadsheet to a List or Table variable


Not sure if this issue is closed but I’ve tried examples shown here but the best I can get is printing the same row over and over. Has anyone figured this out? Thanks in advance



try the examples from the post above or just use these new actions:



Thank you! I was able to figure it out.