Mail Plugin or RPA Express?

Hello, I was looking about sending emails and I’m not sure which approach I need to use. The first one is based on the mail plugin and the second one is based on RPA Express to emulate UI actions. Can someone provide in which scenarios we should pick each of them, their advantages/limitations and recomendations?

Hi @hulevych

Each approach has its pros and cons.

If you use recorder action like clicks on the UI and keystrokes, you can implement the scrip using only recorder, without the need to export your script to a bot task and code. However, it will require the interface of the program for the bot to interact with, and it is a bit slower than using the mail plugin.

If you use mail plugin, you don’t need the UI, but you can only use it in the bot task. So if you change some actions in the script using recorder, and then update the bot task, you will need to add the mail-plugin to it again.

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Many thanks.

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