Manual Task fails in RPA Express



I have one Manual task in my BP in RPA Express. I pass it on the workspace and the process fails on this step. There are no logs. When I go to the Results->Data, it says “In Progress” on this MT step.

What can be the problem?



post the Process package here


Process Captcha by Worker [KM].zip (18.2 KB)

I have an assumption that the problem appeared when I imported this process from the different WF Control Tower (v8.4.2).


need your screenshots - http://localhost:15110/epam/homiel/kanstantsin_melnikau/img/captcha_daf6e01b-73f1-4d74-9bef-79f7b352ef88.png


I think screenshots do not matter. It can be any images.

for a test you can use these ones in the archive, just upload them to your s3 and provide links to them in the input data. (5.0 KB)


Manual task is rendered fine - no tweaking made

Do the sample BPs run successfully on your PC?


Yes, it’s rendering fine and I can process it, but after I process it - BP does not go further and stucks on this step.
I have an error, but I can not find out the reason of it. Repair attempt does not help.

There are no logs:

Sample BPs run successfully, but there are no MTs in there.
Today I created my own BP with dummy MT and it processed properly, without stucks.
I think that I need to recreate my “Captcha BP” manually, not export it from another instance, so maybe it will solve the problem.

I just wondered how it happened, that BP failed on MT step and there were no logs.:thinking:


The next version of Control Tower will have detailed logs for manual steps.