Manual Task to select a value from a Table



I sounds like an easy task, but I am not able to find an easy answer to this. In Business Process, I have one bot process which produces a table of values (2 columns X 10 rows). I need to create a manual process to give a user ability to select a single value from the table. Are you able to point be to the right direction?

Thank you


Hi Gregory,

You need to add an answer to a manual task, where the input data will be the data from the table, and the worker will be able to type in the correct value in the Rich Text field. Options like Select one and Check one are not working correctly now (we will fix them in future releases), so it is better to use Rich Text now.
If this value has to be used by a bot in the next bot task, the unique code in the answer has to be the same as the name of the variable that will be used.