Manual tasks with for each loop


Can we have manual tasks with for each loop?
Any help is very much appreciated !!


Hi @sagar_debadwar, no you cannot use a manual task in a For Each loop. But you can split a variable before the manual task as shown here, so the manual task will be performed for each row or column (if you split a table ) or element (if you split a list).

But note that all other tasks, after the manual task, will be performed for each element, too.

Thanks Alesia , can we split table into rows by using ETL bot ?

Thanks again .

Yes, you can. In the task’s UI you can choose what variable to split (table or list) and how (by rows or columns).

i want to build buisness process like below please guide me how can i forward data to next step .

in first i will get data from web and perform web scrapping , then i want to split table and for each row in table perform different operation depending values on list values .

is it possible ?


Yes, you need to split the table by rows after bot task 2, before the rule.
And then use the List variable that you get as a result of splitting the table in the rule.

Thanks Alesia ,

How can I get second element from the list in rule element .
I tried with ${list[2]} but unfortunately the part which is after rule is not executing .


You can use Constant value action for it

HI Alesia ,

can we create a outcome like this in Rule element itself instead of using expressions ?


No, in the rule you cannot use an index with a List variable.

However, if the value stored in ${list[2]} is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the list, you might be able to use the list variable with contains condition.

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Thank you very much Alesia .
I guess this will satisfy my requirement :smile: .

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