Many problems with the new version 2.0 (and 2.0.1)

I am testing a project that I had done with version 1.4 and with version 2.0.1 I have many problems.
Problems with the “Mouse Click” (I sent it in another message), problems with “Copy file / folder” (gives error when moving a file), problems for “Play from current step” (it does not).
This project worked well with version 1.4, but with this version there are always problems.
In short, my company had the intention to buy the Pro version, but after so many problems we are thinking about it.

Why are there so many problems with this new version?


I’ve noticed that the “Copy file/folder” not working when the folder is Z:\ (in the versión 1.4 worked). Now works when the folder is \\server\folder. Right?


Is the disk Z:\ located on a network resource? If it is, then you have to specify the full path, as \\server-name\share-name\directory. I’m not sure how it worked in 1.4.0, as we always had this rule for working with shared drives.

As for “Play from current step”, it is possible that it is not executed in this particular case because an application or webpage that needs to be opened to execute the step(s) is not opened.

Thank you very much for your clarification. I’m still testing your product.

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Please write if you find bugs or have any issues - we are in the process of bug-fixing and performance improvement for RPA Express 2.0, and will do out best to fix them asap.

Thanks you very much.

Problem with running only the selected steps in a process - you could check on or off the boxes next to the steps in version 1.4, but when I run the same recording under version 2.0.1, it runs all the steps regardless of what is checked. Looks like a bug.

Hi Thomas, I just tried it on several recordings, and it worked - it skipped the unchecked steps.
Can you try it again? Maybe, it was some random issue.

This sometimes behave randomly…we need to restart workfusion and then resolves